Rock Wall




LOCATION. Sydney, Australia

IMAGES. Luke Butterly

Urban Future was invited by Nicole Monks from Black and White Creative to collaborate on a new wall mural for the Redfern Community Centre. Working alongside artist and elder Chica Madden, we translated his story into a CNC routed timber wall which, subtly diffused the imagery as you moved past it. 

Rock art from the Eastern suburbs area and Chica Madden's artwork on pottery was traced and formed the outlines of the embedded imagery. Where each line of artwork intersected a vertical element, the material was indented in order to emphasis each image. The natural timber colour edging was accentuated against the stark black background making the outlined imagery pop out and the tessellated surface reflected the transformative effect that time and environment has on the natural sandstone. 
The project was set up as a parametric model so that any changes to the imagery could be made and the 3D model and associated nested sheets would automatically update.

Collaborators: Black and White Creative; Chica Madden